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Estelle Petrequin

Mindset and Success Coach


There's no need to hustle and suffer to move forward in your career.

It's time to dream big and have fun with the process!

Join my free Female Success Training today!

This is exactly what I will teach you in this free training:

_Decide what YOU want vs. people-please

_Believe in yourself and your vision vs. compare & seek validation

_Transform yourself and your circumstances vs. self-sabotage 


Featured In . . .

the From Imposter to Empowered podcast

the Confidence & Communication podcast

the A Sage's Journey podcast

with Jill Parekh, Business and Mindset Coach

with Jessica Dumas, Speaker and Confidence Coach

with Daniel Mirfield, Spiritual Mentor and Author


Hi, I’m Estelle

a certified Mindset & Success Coach, NLP, EFT & Hypnosis Practitioner, and Health & Wellness Coach who decided 5 years ago to leave the big city and corporate life behind and pursue my own version of success. My mission is to help other ambitious women empower themselves and discover their unique purpose so they too can create a fulfilling career and life. 


I’m guessing you’re here because you’re either sick of sacrificing your well-being to live up to your ambitions or blaming yourself for playing small when you know you are meant for more. You crave meaning and want your career to be an extension of you, a way to connect with and express your authentic self. 

The tools and techniques I teach my clients focus on both strategy and psychology because having a plan doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll implement it. It’s the beliefs you have about yourself and your circumstances that will determine the actions you take and the results you create. 


I’m here to guide you, support you and hold you accountable so you can progress on your goals feeling excited and design a life that aligns with your true needs and desires. 

What my clients say

Shuna B. 



Estelle‘s coaching is a fantastic way to focus on short-term goals whilst understanding how your long-term goals can be achieved.  I really enjoyed the coaching sessions in a group setting with other women - it was inspiring each time! It also created a sense of small community and an everyday regularity that helped staying on track with your individual goals. 


Estelle is a great mentor and listener and she will always bring fun to a group session, whilst being super focused on your individual progression. I can recommend Estelle's coaching to anyone who needs to breathe new life into their own goals and anybody who is looking for a sense of direction!

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